Buying and Selling Used Auto Parts

How to Identify Transmission Issues Before Buying a Used Car

When shopping for a used car, it is sometimes difficult to confirm the maintenance history. Additionally, there is the likelihood that a used car will not have its original gear parts. The reliability of a car transmission is, therefore, not guaranteed when shopping for a used car. As one of the most expensive car parts, thorough inspection of the gearbox is indispensable. Failure to do so will lead to costly repairs and possibly accidents. This post should help you identify gearbox problems on a used car quickly.

Strange Sounds -- Listening and discerning strange gearbox sounds can be challenging, especially for a novice car owner. The fact that you are expected to pay attention to such noises while driving makes it even more challenging. However, since you are dealing with the transmission, you have to pay attention. The good news is that a faulty gearbox produces unmistakable sounds. Therefore, as you take a used car for a test drive, listen carefully for any grinding sounds as you shift gears. The noise could be as a result of a damaged clutch or gear synchroniser. If the used vehicle has an automatic transmission, watch out for a buzzing sound when you go through the gears.

Delayed Gear Response -- Ideally, a car's transmission should shift to the right gear immediately it is engaged. If it does not happen, then it is a sign that the gearbox has issues. For instance, if you engage the third gear and it takes a few seconds to respond accordingly, you need to alert the dealership before putting pen on paper. There should be no form of delay when engaging gears. If you ignore the delayed response sign, then you risk costly repairs down the road. Notably, the delayed gear response issue is responsible for road carnage.

Transmission Slippage -- If you select the fourth gear, but the stick pops out and gets into third gear, then you have a slipping transmission. It is an issue that every motorist dreads. When the gear stick is engaged, drivers expect it to stay in the selected gear slot if everything is working as expected. However, there are instances where the stick might slip out of the engaged gear. If this happens, then it is a clear sign that the car has a faulty gearbox. Do not buy a used car with the problem because it is a ticking time-bomb in as far as costly repairs and accidents are concerned.

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